PayPal doesn’t let you withdraw money in Africa. We do.

The African ‘Paypal’, but better.

ANKA PAY is your easy, centralized solution to handle payments in Africa. Get paid, store, transfer and use your money at any moment, from anywhere, with transparent fees and total safety.

Our top feature: create payment links for your customers and send them wherever you need: WhatsApp, Instagram DMs, etc. Track payments and cash movements all in one place. Save time, effort and costs with ANKA PAY!

How does it work?

  • Payments and transfer from / to Africa, in all local currencies.
  • Payment links created in 20 seconds, customizable for all your customers.
  • Get paid by Card, PayPal, Mobile Money. Transfer at will wherever you need.
  • Instant withdraw and payments with our VISA ANKA Card. Order now and get it in 15 days!

61 041

payment links generated.


of transactions volume from Africa to the world, and back.


payment providers centralized: Paypal, Opay, M-Pesa,...


Countries with active ANKA Pay users. Join the tribe!

They use ANKA PAY and they love it!

"The biggest thing I benefit from ANKA is Direct Payment. I get clients from all over the world"

Urembo Sandals, Kenya 🇰🇪

"People still have trust issues when it comes to payments in Africa. ANKA solves this by being 100% secure."

Sofatoo, Senegal🇸🇳

"To send a simple link to someone outside the platform so they pay you is amazing!"

Tinamasese, Nigeria 🇳🇬