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In a few clicks, ship your package from anywhere to everywhere at the best shipping rates.

Better shipping experience

  • It's hard to rely on the local post office. The delay is often too long for the customer and you have no tracking outside of the country. As a result, you end up having to manage angry clients for weeks until the package is delivered.
  • Using professional carriers can be expensive - this can come with leaving businesses with almost no margins while having to deal with prices that are too high for your products.
  • Packages are often lost and customers have to be unnecessarily refunded.
  • Due to manual filling of shipping information, there are often mistakes in your shipment and you end up having to pay and manage an angry customer.
  • You loose time and money while your customers have a bad experience.

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Export with ANKA

Shipping with us saves you money as it is cheaper, saves you time as you do it online and saves you energy thanks to the pickup and global tracking.

Manage inventory simultaneously on all channels

Print your DHL waybill in 2 clicks at the cheapest price

DHL picks up any package to ship at your door for free and delivers it within 3 days worldwide

Withdraw or use funds instantaneously via VISA ANKA Cards or Mobile money

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